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Creatine can be produced naturally in the body, but often the natural method doesn't give you the maximum quantity of it.
When it comes to body building supplements, things can get confusing very fast.
Keeping your body in shape is difficult, especially for athletes who engage in vigorous exercise every day.
Working out without any supplement to boost performance can be challenging.
Supplementing for food materials is a good approach to meet up the body’s need for food.
Getting notable results from a workout routine can be challenging, and this is where supplements come into the picture.
Creatine is present in many food items like meat products.
The main function of creatine is to supply energy to the body by moving a phosphate group to adenosine diphosphate ADP to form ATP.
Supplements are forms of nutrients taken to add to what has already been taken into the body.
You may wonder which supplement to use between creatine and whey protein to achieve your workout goals.